09 2,600 committed employees!

We are proud to present you with a few examples of our achievements - initiated by our employees, with our partners for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world.

United in the pursuit of a fairer, more human and more sustainable world

United in the pursuit of a fairer, more human and more sustainable world

All of our teams, in their daily lives and across their professions, have a role to play in enabling Oney to have a positive impact on the world and do our part in the necessary changes that the Company must make.


At Oney, we are convinced that we can all contribute to building a more sustainable world. More than ever, we want to continue helping you realise your projects by promoting responsible consumption.
Oney works with Reforest'Action to allow our customers to carry out their projects with a committed bank and to build a more sustainable world.

The ePrice x Oney campaign in Italy

Oney is innovating and has launched a special financing offer in Italy, in partnership with ePrice, for products with an A+, A++ or A+++ energy rating. From 10 to 31 December 2019, for all purchases of energy-efficient household appliances made on the ePrice website, customers were given the chance to of a split payment in 3 or 4 instalments, interest free.

This offer has been co-constructed with our partner in Italy, ePrice, leader in e-commerce : acting and encouraging our stakeholders to act for more sustainable consumption.


Oney was a partner of World Cleaning Day for the second year.

Whether on a beach in Portugal (along the Tagus river in Alcochete), around the Ozea building in France, in Italy, in Spain or in the offices of Oney Russia, more than 100 Oney colleagues have volunteered to help clean up and pick up kilos of rubbish.

Oney is proud to be associated with World Clean-Up Day to join the cause and get to work, helping to reverse this scourge that affects different regions of the planet, with beaches overrun with waste and oceans polluted...

Green loans in Romania

In 2018 in Romania, Oney joined a government initiative. The Romanian government gave vouchers for 400 RON to consumers for the purchase of more environmentally friendly fridges and washing machines. Consumers had to return their old device. Oney decided to support this initiative by offering loans at reduced rates for this type of purchase.

Green loans in Romania