11 2,600 committed employees at the service of our customers and partners

We are 2,600 worldwide Talents, all driven every day by the same values: Enthusiasm, Freedom and Respect. We do everything we can to strengthen the internal and external employability of our employees; promote a quality of life and the pleasure of working together while looking outwards to the world.

Supermood, our employee NPS

Our employee NPS

In 2019, we set up an employee NPS. We chose Supermood to gauge the pulse of our company and give a voice to our employees. We regularly talk to our employees to measure their level of commitment and improve their well-being at work. By analysing the collected statements we are able to implement the necessary actions. Each Group entity manages the frequency and nature of the questions it asks. In November 2019, the first global survey was sent to all Oney employees. A great example of transparency and a cross-business approach!

4,1 / 5

Score obtained for the question: “I like working here”
During our global survey, this question received a score of 4.1/5.
2,434 employees surveyed in 10 countries

The roll-out of teleworking

Teleworking is becoming a reality for Oney. The Corporate team, Oney France and Oney Italy have already adopted it. Oney Spain has successfully trialled it.
Employees can manage their telework days independently and can therefore choose to work from home (within the limit of the number of days defined in the country).
On these days, this flexibility allows employees to avoid long journeys and traffic jams. It also allows them to stay at home to focus on tasks that require a quieter work environment. In addition, this initiative is part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of home/office commutes.

The roll-out of teleworking

A shared training platform

The international training platform, Oney Campus, has enriched its content and programs to give our Talents the chance to develop, encourage individual autonomy and encourage a cross-business approach and international cooperation.

In addition to regulatory training, employees are also offered: Digital Transformation, IT Security, Social Policy, Digital Learning (for HR teams), Zero Waste MOOCs...

Everyone loves feedback!

In 2019, 700 Oney France and Corporate employees took part in feedback awareness days. The goal: to enrich collaboration for the benefit of everyone and the collective. Every employee was therefore trained in both formulating and receiving feedback. A good technique for working together with complete transparency and kindness.

Discussions for enhancing performance and development

Performance and development discussions have been implemented at Corporate team level in replacement of the annual dialogue. Regular discussions between Managers and Employees, adapted to the schedule of each business activity. Two major objectives: establishing a culture of feedback to facilitate collaboration and aligning individual objectives with Oney’s global challenges.

These discussions punctuate the employee year:

  • For performance discussions: a meeting at the start of the year to set the objectives, a mid-year review to review the achievement of the objectives and one at the end of the year to make an evaluation
  • For employee development: a meeting is planned during the Summer to discuss development prospects, training needs, etc…