02 The rapid growth of split payment

The success story of the 3x 4x Oney: a constantly wider roll-out of split payment in Europe, online and in stores

An omnichannel and digital solution

An omnichannel and digital solution

The 3x 4x Oney is a simple credit card payment solution, fast, convenient and secure. Precursors of split payment in 3 or 4 times and leader in France, our omnichannel solution, the 3x 4x Oney is available both online and in store. The 3x 4x Oney is also usable in CtoC and Marketplace. The solution has also been integrated by new Payment Service Platforms (PSPs) such as Adyen, the solution being able to adapt to all PSPs. Our 100% digital and secure solution is already available in 5 countries: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.

The development of this payment solution is accompanied by ever more innovative security to ensure the fluidity of the conversion tunnel and a very high rate of payment acceptance, based on the concept of validation of digital identity, one of the key areas of expertise of the Oney group and developed by its subsidiary Oneytrust.

New prestigious partnerships in Europe

We offer our 3x 4x Oney solution in 5 European countries to 500 retail and e-commerce partners: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium and it has met with great success, proof that it meets the needs of our partners and our customers.

Increasingly high growth

To amplify its development, Oney has teamed up with Payment Service Providers to simplify access to split payment:

  • Thanks to the partnership with Adyen, Oney offers a turnkey solution for split payment on online sales sites. This innovation constitutes an additional lever of differentiation of the Oney offer for the development of the 3x4x;
  • Thanks to an agreement with PayPlug, split payment is available for retailers supported by it. This payment facility has been enthusiastically received by the SMEs/e-commerce sites using the solution, previously unable to respond to an increasing demand for this type of service in the purchasing process.

Innovation to meet the needs of our customers

In France, Oney has reached an additional milestone, launching a long credit offer, with online payment possible up to 60 times.This solution enriches the range of services offered to e-commerce sites and meets customers' expectations, offering them an increasing level of freedom in the realization of their projects.

All sectors, such as travel, development, personal equipment, leisure and all retailers are affected. After several months of trials in various fields with several e-commerce sites (Samsung.com, Alltricks, Mister Menuiserie), the long credit offered by Oney will be rolled out more widely across our partner brand websites.