Editorial – Annual report 2019

Banker and retailer

For more than 35 years, we are playing an important role in driving the economy. With our innovative payment solutions and financing offers, we support our merchants and e-merchants and enable our customers to realise their projects. Today, Oney has 7.7 million customers and 500 partners. We are present in 11 countries and our international development continues.

2019 is a historic year for Oney, with the entry of BPCE into our capital, the definition of an ambitious 2024 strategy, a transformation underway to ensure Oney's sustainable performance and great commercial successes throughout the year.

BPCE's acquisition of a majority stake (50.1%) in the capital of Oney Bank, alongside Auchan Holding, enables us to combine the expertise of these two leaders in banking and retail and to give concrete expression to our DNA as a commercial banker. We have the necessary power to realise our European ambition: to become the European leader in split payment and to broaden our offer to our merchant partners and customers.

In 2019, our transformation has accelerated with the definition of a single European strategy that places the customer at the heart of our actions; a new, more cross-functional organisation, enabling us to become more efficient and agile; a digitalisation of our services and processes for our customers, partners and employees; and the integration of our societal challenges into our strategy.

With the signing of 100 new (e)merchant partners in Europe, we are confirming our position as the French leader in split payment and are moving even closer to our goal of becoming the European leader. To achieve this, we have continued to improve our offering, simplified customer paths, strengthened our position in all our countries, to offer international support to our partners, and we have teamed up with Payment Service Providers to accelerate access to our solution for as many merchants and e-merchants as possible.

True to our DNA, we innovate to meet the needs of our customers and partners - for example, by offering a long credit offer with online payment possible up to 60 times in France or by launching "smartney", a unique digital solution in Poland that allows customers to obtain financing in less than 15 minutes.

Finally, in 2019, we gave life to our social commitments for a fairer, more human and sustainable world. We are mobilized around 3 key areas: encouraging sustainable consumption, reducing our carbon footprint by complying with COP 21 agreements and ensuring the employability of our employees.

2020 will be a major year in Oney's development. We will sustain, strengthen and accelerate our development, serving our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. It will enable us to give life to the different and unique bank that we build every day.

Jean-Pierre Viboud, Directeur Général de Oney
Jean Pierre VIBOUD
CEO, Oney

Jean Yves FOREL, Chair of Oney Bank Board of Directors
Jean Yves FOREL
Chair of Oney Bank Board of Directors
Managing Director in charge of European Day to Day Bank and Paris 2024 Olympic Games Project, BPCE
Member of General Management Committee of BPCE Group