08 The customer at the heart of what we do

At Oney, the customer is our main concern. Our strategy places the customer at the heart of our actions, around a 3-stage value chain: Customer Recruitment | Customer Commitment | Customer Value-creation.

A reinvented customer relationship

A reinvented customer relationship

In order to put the customer at the centre of our actions, Oney France Customer Relations has equipped itself with a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool built around a 360° vision of the customer.

At a glance, the employee responsible for a customer's request has access to the main information: identity, current Oney contracts and subscriptions, previous requests, marketing campaigns received and soon his satisfaction level.
This in-depth knowledge of our customers allows us to provide them with a memorable customer experience.

Our aim is to make the journeys as smooth as possible for the customer and the advisor and to deal with the customer’s request in the best conditions and within the shortest possible time. To do this, all of the information is shared between the different parties involved. The database integrated into the tool also enables a homogeneous response. The information is processed in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Oney France has rolled out these new tools to its internal teams but also to partners.

Our difference

The same tool, the same 360° vision for all areas of customer relations: from the after-sales service, to the partner contact centre and the debt recovery department.

Our priority: what the customer wants and no longer the concept of calls or emails received. Oney France has implemented omnichannel customer demand management. 1,500 hours of training were delivered in 2019 to adopt this new approach.

Flexibility for employees

The GMRC (Marketing and Customer Relationship Data Management) facilitated the launch and widespread roll-out of telework within Customer Relations, a fairly rare occurrence in this activity sector.


Oney France's NPS (Net Promotor Score) for Products and Services for 2019